Getting an accurate diagnosis for hair loss is the first step to recovery

Women with hair loss generally try anything and everything in the attempt to find a cure for their condition and grow their hair back. However, all the miracle products and revolutionary treatments in the world won’t remedy your hair loss problem if you don’t know what’s causing it in the first place.

This is why the first place to start on the road to hair loss recovery is with a formal diagnosis. Unfortunately, because hair loss can have so many, often complicated causes, this is not always as easy as visiting your family doctor. What your GP can do, however, is some groundwork on your diagnosis, as well as referring you to specialists who can hopefully help you.

Not all female hair loss cases are simple to diagnose, so you need to prepare yourself for a number of medical appointments and plenty of tests. You may need to see dermatologists, trichologists and other specialists before you can pinpoint the exact cause of your hair loss.

Finding the cause of hair loss is so important because it points the way to effective treatment. With the details of your condition in front of them, your doctor or specialist should be able to tell you exactly what to do next.