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There can be nothing worse than not feeling yourself particularly when there are noticeable signs that you are feeling unwell. If you are under an immense amount of stress then you need to make sure that you are taking it easy where possible to avoid there being any undue stress being put on your body as this can have serious health consequences.

Hair loss can be something that many women suffer during their lifetime as a result of going through a large amount of stress or worry. It all depends on how each of us copes with stress and sometimes some of us are not designed to resist the stress that we are sometimes put through.

If you are not coping well and as a result you are losing some of your hair, you need to speak with your doctor to ensure that there isn’t anything more serious underlying with your health. Your health is vitally important so you need to reduce the amount of stress in your life and this should ensure that your hair returns. However, if you are suffering with a form of hair loss that cannot be treated without medication then your doctor will be able to prescribe you the best drugs available.

You don’t often see women without any hair walking down the street and this is because women feel particularly self conscious when it comes to their hair and any hair loss. The wig market is extremely popular with women who have gone through radiotherapy and chemotherapy and have lost their hair as a result. There are so many wigs on the market that you are spoilt for choice and you won’t feel self conscious wearing a wig if you have lost your hair because they look so realistic.

It doesn’t matter how you have lost your hair, there are treatments available for women who are suffering with hair loss. Your doctor should be able to give the advice that you need in order to ensure that you are not putting yourself and your body through any unnecessary stress and they will investigate your hair loss to ensure that they are getting to the bottom of the problem that is causing your hair loss.

There many reasons why women lose their hair but you don’t need to feel self conscious because you can easily wear a wig and cover up any bald patches that you might have without it looking really obvious.

Although human hair wigs are a good solution for temporary hair loss and they are becoming increasingly more realistic-looking and easy to wear; they aren’t the right solution for every hair loss sufferer.

It makes sense that more permanent conditions require a more permanent solution, one that gives you the freedom you need and allows you to live your life as normally as possible. Losing your hair changes the way you look at yourself and how you interact with people, and wearing a wig doesn’t always help you shake off that self-conscious feeling.

So what alternatives are there for women with hair loss?

Hair replacement therapy has advanced at a tremendous pace in the last few years and although it can’t offer any miracle cures, it can offer you the freedom you need and help to restore your self- confidence.
A key example of this is the Intralace system, which is a viable alternative to the standard human hair wig.

The system can either be used as a way of making clients hair look fuller and thicker, or as a wig alternative for those with full head hair loss. It is a permanent solution lasting two to three years, helping to restore a natural looking hairline and boost overall volume without the need for daily maintenance.

If you have suffered or are suffering with hair loss, it is likely that’ll you have looked far and wide for a way to disguise your problem. Hats and head scarves are an ineffective short-term fix, and not every hair loss condition is severe enough to consider human hair wigs.

This is why hair replacement treatments have become so popular, as they improve the appearance of natural hair in a more permanent way. The most effective solutions include:

• Medi Connections – These are a lightweight, more specialist version of hair extensions, designed to boost the volume of hair whilst still maintaining a natural appearance.

• The Intralace System – This pioneering treatment consists of ultra-fine mesh panels containing human hair being integrated into your existing hair. A natural-looking parting can also be added. This method disguises hair loss and still allows you to wash and style your hair and live your life as normal.


A lot of women considering either of the aforementioned treatments are worried about one key issue – will the natural hair be able to grow under the hair replacement method? Such fears are unnecessary, as the treatments have been specially designed to allow natural hair regrowth. If your hair grows enough, you will be able to get the Intralace System or Medi Connections extensions removed.

Losing your hair can knock you for six, shattering your confidence and changing your perception of yourself and your place in the world. Some people will take the view ‘it’s only hair’, but it isn’t only hair; it’s an integral part of your self-esteem.

From being a young child to an adult woman, we are conditioned by the media, entertainment and fashion industries to believe that shiny, healthy hair is a symbol of beauty, youth, femininity and sexuality. This is why losing it can be so devastating, as we feel that all of these ‘attractive’ qualities are robbed from us, often without warning.

Confidence-boosting tips

The key to regaining your self-esteem and confidence when interacting with the world is acceptance. Once the initial panic of losing your hair has passed, you can accept what has happened and start to look for solutions.

Here are some confidence-boosting solutions for:

Temporary hair loss (caused by hormonal changes such as pregnancy)

Whilst you are waiting for your hair to fully grow back; human hair wigs are a great idea. Some of the latest wigs are extremely realistic, so you never need to feel self-conscious about your appearance.

Permanent hair loss (caused by alopecia, female pattern baldness)

Hair replacement treatment has improved rapidly in the last few years, with solutions such as the Intralace system offering you a way of disguising hair loss even if you cannot cure it.

Hair loss and thinning hair can be exceedingly difficult to treat, and most sufferers with hair loss conditions know that there is no ‘miracle cure’ or quick-fix solution. However, there are now ways to improve the appearance of thinning hair, thanks to significant advancements in hair replacement treatment and technology.

Medi Connections: the best treatment for reduced volume

This treatment is suitable for women with very fine hair, or those who have experienced a general reduction in hair volume. This can be caused by a number of conditions, from mild alopecia and telogen effluvium to the first stages of female pattern hair loss.

How does it work?

Medi Connections work in a similar way to hair extensions, except that they are ultra-fine and light in weight. They are placed in strategic areas on the scalp to provide coverage where the hair is thinning, resulting in a volume boost that lasts approximately 12 to 14 weeks. As long as the hair is stable enough to support the Medi Connections extensions (this can be determined via a test patch), they will also allow your hair to regrow naturally and you to wash, style and tint your hair as normal.

If you are experiencing thinning hair rather than severe hair loss, this solution could be perfect for you.