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There are now many hair replacement options out there for women with hair loss, but you need to ensure that the treatment you choose is safe. You also need to choose a solution that won’t damage the scalp or hair follicles any further, as well as allowing hair to grow back in its own time.

Some of the most effective kinds of hair replacement solutions available at present are those which utilise specially designed hair extension systems. For example:

Medi Connections – This is a system designed to cover patchy hair loss or thinning hair. It uses super-fine, naturally looking hair extensions to disguise hair loss, and can also be used to boost hair volume.

The Intralace System – This is similar to Medi Connections, but uses a fine mesh to integrate extensions into existing hair. It is suitable for people with moderate to severe hair loss.

Provided you visit a high-quality hair loss and replacement specialist, these treatments should be perfectly safe. They are designed to be breathable and non-damaging to hair, and they also allow natural regrowth.

If you have any doubts about safety, you simply need to check that the bonding adhesive used to attach hair extensions is safe and also milder than the industrial bonding agents widely used in hair salons. You should also ensure that a test patch is done before any adhesives or other substances are applied to the hair or skin.

There are many different kinds of hair loss treatment available these days, some of them painful and expensive (i.e. certain kinds of hair transplants) and others less so. These treatments have varying success rates, as they depend of course on the patient and their particular hair loss condition.

Not everyone wants to put themselves through hair loss treatment, however, which is why there are many alternatives available. These include:

Human hair wigs – These wigs have come a long way in the last few years, meaning they are now so realistic that no one will be able to tell you’re wearing one. They are comfortable to wear and you can choose from hundreds of styles to suit you.

The Intralace System – This is a hair replacement treatment, but one that works similarly to hair extensions. A breathable mesh is fitted between your existing hair and your scalp, allowing additional human hair to be added. It looks natural, is made of breathable materials and can be washed and styled as normal.

Medi Connections – Similarly to other methods, Medi Connections are a kind of very fine hair extensions used to cover smaller areas of thinning or balding.

Head bandannas and wraps – Some people prefer to keep things as simple as possible, choosing a colourful, attractive wrap or bandanna to cover their heads whilst their hair grows back.

When it comes to hair loss, even the mildest of conditions can cause you to worry and lose confidence in your appearance. Even if you don’t have severe hair loss, there are specially designed solutions available for you, whether you’ve noticed a small bald patch forming or that your hair is starting to thin.

One very effective solution for thinning hair problems or mild hair loss in women is Medi Connections. It is best suited for women who have noticed a general reduction in the thickness and volume of their hair, or those who have always disliked naturally having very fine hair.

Medi Connections works similarly to hair extensions, but are an ultra-fine, lighter version used to cover selective, targeted areas of thinning hair. It is used when a little extra coverage is needed to disguise thinning or balding, boosting the volume of the hair and restoring your confidence. With Medi Connections, you can still wash and style the hair as normal, and it creates no hindrance to natural hair regrowth.

Due to its targeted application, this hair replacement solution isn’t really suitable for heavy use over the whole head. In the case of more severe hair loss, something like the Intralace System or a human hair wig may be more effective.

Suffering from thinning hair or more severe female hair loss, it can severely damage your confidence and potentially affect your whole life. If you aren’t comfortable with the idea of human hair wigs – as realistic and natural as they look these days – you may need to seek out a more permanent hair loss solution.

The Intralace system is a popular hair replacement solution for many women with hair loss. The system works by integrating a hair replacement prosthesis into your existing hair, making it particularly suitable for women with bald or thinning patches caused by female pattern baldness.

The ultra-fine mesh used to make the prosthesis is breathable, which means it will be comfortable and not too hot.

The Intralace process

There are a number of stages to the Intralace process. These include:

1. The Intralace system mesh is gently introduced between the scalp and the existing hair
2. Intralace Panels containing extra human hair are added to disguise patches of hair loss
3. An Intralace Parting is added (there are many to choose from) to make the finished look completely natural-looking

Should you wish to, you can also use Intralace as a human hair wig if you suffer from total hair loss.

There isn’t anything more soul destroying than finding that you are losing your hair because of a female hair loss condition. However, you shouldn’t feel as if you are alone because many women suffer with hair loss conditions during their lifetime and they come through the other side with a full head of hair again.

Hair loss can occur during any time in your life and you should be able to notice whether your hair is thinning or whether you have bald patches appearing on your scalp. If you should notice changes with your hair, it might be time to think about going to see your doctor to have your hair loss condition formally diagnosed. Your doctor will be able to examine your scalp and tell you whether or not you can get your hair loss condition treated.

Most hair loss conditions can be treated with medication but you may also need to think about reducing your stress levels and worrying about your hair loss because this can often make it worse. Your doctor will be able to advise you about this if you need some more information about your hair loss condition. Your hair will soon return to normal before you know it.

Hair loss for some women is an experience that they wouldn’t wish on their worst enemy, yet many women suffer with it and come through the other side without any serious harm being done to their hair follicles. However just because you are suffering with female hair loss doesn’t mean that you won’t have hair to play with or style when you are going out or when you are getting ready to go to work. A lot of women find this the hardest thing to come to terms with and that is why there are many different kinds of professional wigs that you could choose to wear that might make you feel more feminine.

Most wigs are usually made from synthetic hair or human hair. Human hair wigs look far more realistic and authentic; you probably wouldn’t be able to tell whether a woman is wearing a human hair wig or not because they look so good. This is one of the many advantages as well as being able to style it in the way you want it or you can colour it to your natural colour so that it isn’t noticeable that you are experiencing female hair loss.