Hair loss treatment – why it is important to have realistic expectations

One of the reasons that the Internet is literally jam-packed with ‘miracle’ hair loss pills, injections, creams and other products is that people with hair loss are usually desperate for a cure.

A lot of hair loss sufferers wish their hair would stop shedding and grow back, so that they can resume their ‘normal’ lives. Opportunistic businesses and individuals seek to capitalise on this by offering hair loss cures, which unfortunately hardly ever work.

The only reliable way to get proper treatment for hair loss is to visit your GP, dermatologist or hair loss specialist (also known as a trichologist), who will recommend or diagnose treatments known to have shown some effectiveness in other patients.

When undergoing any of these treatments, however, it is absolutely vital that you try to maintain realistic expectations on the outcome of the treatment. Hair loss is a very emotional condition, so it can be devastating if you build yourself up to believe you will quickly regain a thick, full head of hair only to see little or no results.

Some hair loss treatments may slow shedding, encourage a little regrowth or slightly improve the appearance of hair. Some may do nothing at all. As far as research has shown, no treatment has yet been developed that will offer a ‘miracle’ cure for hair loss.

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