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Sheena’s story

'I love looking in the mirror at the hairdo that changed my life'

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19th April 2019

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Why hair loss needn't leave you bristling

Sheena's story

I love looking in the mirror at the hairdo that changed my life

Every morning, Sheena Fancutt would carefully brush, shape and comb her hair, ensuring each strand was perfectly placed before leaving the house.

The 72-year-old developed this daily ritual over many years of dealing with fine, thinning locks, and it was a routine she found essential for maintaining her confidence.

But, during a visit to her opticians, Sheena came face to face with the stark reality of just how much hair she had lost and was shocked by what she saw in the mirror.

"My fringe was starting to come further and further back from my forehead," explains the gran of four.

"The girl fitting my glasses lifted my hair at the sides to see if the legs were in the right position."

"I could see in the mirror there was almost no hair above my ears, and that was the first time it dawned on me that my hair loss wasn't just at the forehead."

Sheena spoke to her cousin, Rhona, who also suffered from thinning locks, and she recommended booking an appointment with hair replacement experts at the Lucinda Ellery studio in Edinburgh.

After a consultation, Sheena had real replacement hair woven into sections where her own was missing and the treatment, she says, has proved life-changing.

Sheena says: "If someone came to the door in the morning before I had the chance to fluff up my hair, I would put a towel around my head."

"I couldn't even iron after I had done my hair for the day, as the steam would just bring it straight back down. I was terribly self-conscious and the minute a breeze hit my face I felt like I was just bald. It was horrible. But when I left the salon after having my system fitted the wind caught my face as I walked up the stair and I thought, 'Oh my God, I have hair!'"

Sheena still attends the salon every seven weeks for a readjustment. She says: “It has improved my confidence. Little things like being able to put my sunglasses on top of my head or going out in the rain without worrying.

"I still look in the mirror now and I think, 'My goodness, Sheena, look at your hair!'"

Sheena's hair before applying the Intralace

Sheena with thin receding hair

Sheena wearing the Intralace

Sheena with her Intralace system


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