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‘I caused my own bald patch’

Hannah started pulling her hair out when she was 15 but at 28 it’s regrowing following the use of the Intralace System.

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‘I caused my own bald patch’

Hannah Kingston, 28, is a radiographer from Southampton, Hampshire

‘I started pulling my hair out in secret when I was 13, and ended up with a patch on my crown that I hid by careful back-combing. At 15, I saw a case of trichotillomania on the daytime TV show Doctors and realised I had the same condition.

But it was over 10 years before I finally spoke about the problem. I half-expected my fiancé, Paul Hilton, 31, to leave me because I thought I’d sound so freakish. In fact, he couldn’t have been more understanding and encouraged me to see my GP, who referred me to a cognitive behavioural therapist for strategies to stop the pulling.

Wearing jangly bracelets helped to alert me when I was unconsciously reaching for my hair, and I also tried not to sit still for too long – usually a trigger for me to start pulling. Then last year I found out about the hairloss consultant Lucinda Ellery (, who specialises in treating conditions like mine – and I knew she was the final step to my recovery. Her team worked on my hair for hours, weaving tiny fledgling strands through a fine mesh until my bald patch was covered and I had a barrier to prevent further pulling.

At a follow-up appointment three months later, we discovered new hair was starting to grow, so I hadn’t completely damaged the follicles. Now I should soon be able to put my hair loss behind me.’


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